Jay Chandrasekhar on Olivia Munn's 'Hilarious' Response to Hacked Sexytime Pictures

Last night at SXSW, Broken Lizard alum Jay Chandrasekhar debuted his latest comedy, The Babymakers, which features Olivia Munn as a woman whose not-so-potent husband (Paul Schneider) breaks into a sperm bank to retrieve his own, um, donations so they can get pregnant. Given the film's balls-out embracing of sex jokes and a subplot concerning racy photographs, one could view those recent hacked photos of Munn in provocative poses as brilliantly conceived viral marketing, a fact that hasn't escaped Chandrasekhar. He offered Movieline his two cents on the matter with a nod to Munn's own recently-released photo response.

"I spoke to Olivia about it," said Chandrasekhar, who has worked with the G4 host-turned-actress on three Broken Lizard-related comedies. "At the end of the day what happened was her phone was hacked. It’s private! I know people could say, 'Well, maybe you shouldn’t have pictures like that on your phone,' but if my phone was hacked... it’s such a violation. And then once the pictures get out there on the internet, we’re looking at a real violation of somebody."

Photos taken from Munn's hacked phone made their way to the interwebs last week, depicting the scantily clad actress in racy poses. Accompanying Photoshopped (or, rather, Skitched) arrows and dirty talk scrawled across the pictures only made them more infamous and bizarre, but Munn wasn't the only celebrity whose private phone cam pics made waves that week.

"I honestly believe Olivia is a great actress and I think that there’s a part of this business that will try to do what it did to Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears – they want you to explode, eventually," said Chandrasekhar. "They want you to become really famous for being really hot then they want to see you naked and then they want to eat you alive. I think Olivia, because of her acting ability, has an opportunity to be famous for her talent and not for this. And look, it’s not her fault these pictures came out."

That said, the timing of the photo leak may serve as a coincidental boon for The Babymakers, which is currently seeking distribution. Chandrasekhar says Munn cooked up a set of her own mock sexy pictures in response to the hubbub, poking fun at the situation; might her good-humored reaction pique audience interest in the film by showing that Munn has a sense of humor?

"From a marketing standpoint I totally recognize that it’s going to be a positive for the film. I get it, people will be curious. But she’s printed some subsequent pictures that are fucking hilarious. She hasn’t put them out yet [ed. Today Munn released at least one of these response pics today along with an open letter], but they’re hilarious and really make fun of this whole event. She totally gets how to spin something funny."

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  • rob k. says:

    I don't get it - was the letter supposed to be funny? Leave the jokes to Jay, Olivia.

  • Sarah says:

    I find this girl impossible not to like. She sure does take a lot of crap from people for no reason.

  • gossiptruth says:

    Yes, as she always tries to make "funny lies," those pictures and texts were really her! But the texts were too embarrassing even for Liv moon.

  • jimmyC says:

    they want to see you naked and then they want to eat you alive. Really, is that how its done? Lucky I am not famous, cause I am not really hot and I guess no one would want to go cannibal on my butt.