Listen to the Rare, Vintage Pop Stylings of Ian McShane and Julian Schnabel

No! Not together! Could you imagine? Actually, I guess you're perfectly welcome to play these unearthed early '90s pop gems by artist/filmmaker Julian Schnabel and actor Ian McShane simultaneously in a fit of masochistic Tuesday morning ardor, but nine out of 10 doctors would strongly disapprove. And the tenth one would be clinically deaf. Let's have a listen!

Jordan Hoffman passed along word this morning of his extraordinary archival find: Schnabel's troubled 1993 album Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud, produced by Bill Laswell and featuring a fairly staggering line-up of Anton Fier on Drums, Laswell on bass, Bernie Worrell on keys and Buckethead on guitar. And behind the mic: Schnoul Brother No. 1, Mr. Julian Schnaaaaabellll [CROWD GOES WILD]:

I know what you're asking yourself: How did this happen? How could this happen? Is that a turd or phallus on the album cover? But there's no time for questions — not with Ian McShane's 1992 covers album From Both Sides Now to revisit. No real back-up band on this one besides the British producers The James Boys, a pair of wunderkinds who laid down just the right karaoke-style synth jams to complement England's own hardest-working man in show business:

Check out the complete story behind McShane's misbegotten croonery here, and lobby Hoffman to release the rest of those hallowed Schna-ballads here.

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  • Max Renn says:

    Excuse me, but what the hell is that giant black phallus in the second picture??

  • Dave says:

    Schnabel's album is amazing just for intent alone. How or why it got made? Who knows. I never pull this out of the collection, but if I recall, Gary Oldman shows up on there as well. Most of the rest of the cast are people who (at the time) worked with Laswell fairly regularly. This is one I need to remember to ask Bill about. Years ago he was quoted in some magazine (I think it was Tower Records in house rag) saying that the album never should have been made...