For His Next Trick, Harvey Weinstein Has Bully Trending — and Misunderstood — on Twitter

Their five-time Oscar winner The Artist may have just experienced its most lucrative weekend at the box office to date, but newly installed Legionnaire of Honor Harvey Weinstein and his Weinstein Co. minions remain firmly focused today on the Great Bully Ratings Non-troversy of 2012. How do we know? To Twitter, where #BullyMovie is this morning's highest-ranking (promoted, ahem) trending topic.

Here's the official shout-out from the Bully gang, carrying over last week's "human rights" crusade to get the Weinstein release's R-rating reduced to a PG-13.

So how's the response? Mostly positive, naturally, with a few contrarian opinions and hilarious misunderstandings thrown in for good measure:

Harvey's secret weapon? What else?

What a grotesque fucking circus. Knowledge is power!

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  • dukeroberts says:

    I'm sorry. As much as I love movies, or "films", I cannot justify in my mind thinking that a "film" is "important".