Finally! The Kardashians Meet Kubrick in Chilling Shining-Themed Photo Shoot

At long last, the meeting of influential cinema icon Stanley Kubrick and the amorphous multi-headed entity known collectively as The Kardashians has occurred, and here is the photographic evidence: Kendall and Kylie Jenner, younger sisters of Kim Kardashian and the other two from that show you know you watch when no one else is looking, pose a la the creepy twins from The Shining with matriarch Kris Jenner as... uh, you tell me.

This particular photo shoot from the lesser Kardashians' guest visit to America's Next Top Model required its model-contestants to pose as toddlers. Naturally some genius dreamed up this scenario. I mean, all of the classic Kubrick signatures are here in this image, from the bright playroom colors to the clown lurking in the background to the leggy model-contestants posing at Kris's feet to the pastel cut-outs proclaiming "GLAMOROUS" on the wall. "Glamorous" is what Kubrick was all about, right?



  • j'accuse! says:


    That is all...

  • MartiniShark says:

    "Okay, I mean, like -- I so totally did not like GET that movie? This guy is supposed to be be like a writer, and stuff, but all he does is like write the same thing for all kinds of hundreds of pages. And those twins were way creepy and then totally not there? Whatevs!"

  • Alexander Walker says:

    Is this a premonition of murder?

  • AS says:

    I can just hear Kubrick shouting with a gay affect "I want MORE glamour people,NOW!.... Jack you silly little thing, put down that axe, your frightening me you bad boy."

  • Max Renn says:

    And in the Kardashian version, the river of blood becomes a stream of piss.

  • Doesn't look "Kubrick" to me. It's just random stuff and
    random people, and that wasn't hardly the director's
    style. PATHS OF GLORY, or THE KILLING. To focus on a
    couple of small elements of THE SHINING is a waste.
    Seems more Fellini--just needed a massive one-eyed
    fish and a Risen Christ Statue.
    Was this made with money from a federal grant? Come
    on, be honest!!! "I'm Cured, all right. I'm CURED!"
    Kris of KAG

  • Bill Bailey says:

    Hey, writer of this "article", how old are you, 19? Those twins look NOTHING like the girls from "The Shining", and 100% like Chas Addam's adorable little Wednesday Addams. Honestly, there's nothing remotely Kubrick-ian about this entire photo. You should watch less movies.

  • Frieda says:

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