This Terrifying Avatar Baby Can Be Yours For Just $130

If you're an Avatar superfan who's been yearning for your own lifelike bundle of joy to complete your home(tree), look no further than this custom-made offering from eBay seller tinytoesnursery15. The humanoid-Na'vi "REBORN AVATAR BABY" comes with hand-painted blue skin, jewels and various adornment, and has a head that turns... so it can watch you as you sleep. And it can be yours for just $130!

In all seriousness, the purchase price seems entirely worth it for a true-blue (ahem) Avatar fan. That said, $18 for shipping? Where to, Pandora?? Personally, it's not for me since it gives me the creepy crawlies. (I mean, she is not for me -- the maker clearly states this is a female Avatar baby). But hey, whatever floats your boat!

Bid now, as the auction ends on March 5.

[eBay via Slashfilm]


  • Jen!
    Any comment from Blue Man Group regarding paternity
    testing? And look at the topknot of hair---Zippy the
    Pinhead should be on the MAURY SHOW as well.

    $130---excellent price for a Diet Plan! Stick this
    ugly changling in your fridge, and keep it in there until
    you are no longer revolted, or lose your target weight.
    Makes a great gift, or re-gift.