Zac Efron Admits He Totally Dropped a Condom on the Lorax Red Carpet

"You dropped a -- a condom on the red carpet," asked esteemed Today Show journalists Matt Lauer of The Lorax star Zac Efron, grilling the former High School Musical tween idol about the red carpet incident that had the internet agog last week. "That was hard for you to say, wasn't it?" returned Efron, who coolly answered with an unabashed confirmation. Let me reiterate: Yes, that was a gold condom that fluttered out of Efron's pants pocket at the premiere of a Dr. Seuss movie. WHAT OF IT, LAUER??

Kudos to the 24-year-old Efron for coming out on top from the awkward televised inquiry. Ever the pro, he even found a way to bring it back to The Lorax, an animated tale about the dangers of greedy industrialism and deforestation: "It's a great message to add to the many messages in the film." (Just wait for those Fox anchors to get wind of this.)

Which is more than I can say about Lauer's subsequent off-the-cuff joke. "You've got your own production company -- what's next for you? That's a bad pun, by the way... your own production company!" Groan. What, no segue riff into Efron's next movie, The Lucky One? COME ON, LAUER!

At least someone learned a lesson from EfrondomGate; The totally safe sex-having actor says a "pocket-checking policy" will be "fully instated" for future red carpet appearances. Thank goodness we can put this story to bed now.

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[via Today]


  • It's the MAN's job to be in charge of birth control. It's
    also his job to keep the condom in his wallet. Ladies,
    it's YOUR job to make sure the man's responsible.

    Filmwise, perhaps Zac Efron will have an easier audition
    of they ever do a remake of THE BIG RED ONE. Or

  • miles silverberg says:

    Wow...he's really gonna look like a mini-Ernest Borgnine the older he gets.

    • j'accuse! says:

      But I love Ernest Borgnine, so if that happens...does that mean I'll have to love teh Efron as well?

  • MartiniShark says:

    Lauer always goes after the hard subject matter.

  • oldfatguy says:

    Everyone is missing the point. He didn't just (intentionally) drop A condom, he dropped a GOLD condom, i.e. a Trojan Magnum, the preferred condom of guys who are BIG down there. He wanted to send a message to all the ladies that he's a BIG guy in that department.

    • j'accuse! says:

      I'm totally going to have to do this now (j/k).

      • KevyB says:

        Yes, I thought it was painfully obvious that the "accident" was totally on purpose. "Not only am I an adult and should be cast in sexy adult roles, but I have a big one too!" Now which actress in her 20s will be "caught" making out with him in public?

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