TRAILER: Here's Your Best Look at The Avengers Yet

Marvel's The Avengers has the pressure of living up to years of hype resting on its shoulders, but a new trailer for the May 4 superhero pic looks promising, if not terribly complicated. Plot details, like what Loki's up to and why? Save it for the movie. This is the chance to give every one of the Avengers their close-up. Well, except for you, Hawkeye.

Admittedly, Jeremy Renner's archery expert -- the least-well known character of the bunch, looking like the loner weirdo lurking around the popular kids at school -- does get a neat falling-backwards-through-the-air-while-shooting-an-arrow moment in the trailer, so there's that. Everyone else, though, gets to reveal a smidge of character in the span of two minutes: Nick Fury is concerned! Captain America is resentful! Tony Stark is bitchy! Black Widow is suggestive!

We already know that our heroes will bicker before they unite to fight evil, blah blah blah. It is rather touching to see Hulk leap into the air to save Iron Man from eating pavement. I'm just waiting for fans to shout about how superior Ruffalo's Hulk is from the Ed Norton and Eric Bana versions, because guys? His Hulkface doesn't look that much better, does it?

Verdict: Oh, who am I kidding? We're all seeing this one, aren't we?

Anyway, head to Apple to watch the trailer in high res.

The Avengers hits theaters on May 4.


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