Remember Leap Year?

In honor of Feb. 29, and just for fun, let's flash back for a moment to the first horrible movie of the '10s. Take it away, Michelle Orange: "It's hard to care about the shabby treatment of the Irish, the Italian, or Amy Adams's poor, spindly ankles when one's own honor is called into question by the film's specious, finger-wagging terms. Every time an Irishman fell off of his chair or dispensed a tediously quaint piece of folklore, every time the decrepitude of Ireland's public works was asserted with a wink, and every time Amy Adams unloaded a shrill expectation that was met with abject humiliation, I felt a little more sorry for myself. Is this really what you think of me, Mr. Tucker? Is this what you think we all deserve? [...] This one's a heart-sinker, fromage of the smelliest order; I am mystified by its existence." Happy leap day!


  • j'accuse! says:

    I've seen the same five minutes of this every time I've turned on the teevee and it's still on HBO, and I'm busy clicking through the menu for anything else and, oh Stu, the Hope everybody at the office wore blue and yellow and is ready to trade tears for candy today. #leapdaywilliam

  • M says:

    I always solved a good portion of this movie's mounting problems by a simple feat. Pressing the mute button and watching Matthew Goode in silence.