This Monkee's Gone to Heaven: R.I.P. Davy Jones

Davy Jones, once named by Yahoo as the number 1 teen idol of all time, passed away at the age of 66 after suffering a heart attack. As a member of the Beatles-inspired musical group The Monkees, created for their eponymous television show in 1966, Jones rose to fame alongside bandmates Peter Tork, Mickey Dolenz, and Michael Nesmith and subsequently embarked on a successful solo musical career of his own; let's remember Jones with a look back at The Monkees, Jones' acting career, and the group's 1968 psychedelic cult film, Head.

The Monkees' "Daydream Believer":

Jones' singing "Girl" during his cameo on The Brady Bunch:

Jones sings "Daddy's Song" in Head, a film that stymied then and now but remains a highlight of the Monkees legacy:

Swoon away with your own Jones remembrances below.

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  • Dyrkness says:

    The line "The years have passed and so have I" sent chills down my back. Head was a great movie. Everyone I know who saw it,liked it.

  • jennrae says:

    My first crush, I've loved him since I was five years old. I was already having a bad day but this had me on my knees. My thoughts are with his family.

  • jennrae says:

    He definitely reminds me of Johnny Depp in that Head sequence. Or vice versa.

  • Carrie says:

    When I was watching the Monkees in 1986, the Monkees went on a reunion tour. Compared to 1966 Davy, I thought 1986 Davy Jones was SO old, but he was only 40....that's only three years older than I am now.

    • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

      I saw them on that tour! Weird Al Yankovic opened. It was awesome.

      • pinkyt says:

        Me too! At the Greek Theater in LA, with Rodney Bigenhiemer MCing, if my memory hasn't completely faded. Probably b/c it just makes me feel so damn old, but this is the first celebrity death in a long time that had an emotional impact. Their songs still hold up as some really great pop music.

  • Neil Fox says:

    Here is a good online memorial for Davy. You can light a virtual candle or send virtual candles free of charge.

  • Lassie says:

    Davy's passing in particular hurts. In 1965 I was 14, and my brothers and I watched The Monkees, thrilled - yes, thrilled - by them. Their music was and still is great (I hear them to this day on oldies radio). In 1965 the world was a good place, the future was unfurling in front of us with great promise. And here I am today, 60 years old - 60!!! - how did that happen, and one of my brothers is gone and the other not much more than a vegetable. Shit. But its not All About Me, but - goodbye Davy, thanks for the memories.

  • Megan says:

    I'm only 26, so I wasn't around when the Monkees had their day. However, I watched the show when it was in syndication in the 90s, and as a little girl, I certainly fell to Davy's impish charms. You know, it's one thing when a star dies because of drugs, alcohol, or violence, but it's quite another when an otherwise healthy one suddenly goes. RIP Davy. I wish you could come back. Be happy wherever you are now.

  • Ashely says:

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