Here is your first look at Mark Ruffalo in his full motion-capture Hulk get-up from The Avengers. No spoilers on the home page; click through for the Hulk-y goodness/weirdness, whatever.

The faithful will find more Avengers photos at ScreenRant (via /film). That is all.


  • I'm actually pumped for this. I'm especially curious to see how they handle Captain America. He's at least twice as strong as your strongest human being(!) ... while Thor and Hulk can bench press cities, and Iron Man's probably still good for a medium-sized building -- useful. I think it's kind of cool that for much of the Avengers' history, though just as much transparently there, it actually didn't feel like it was something you should make an issue of. But I think it now it's more, "please don't tell me it's cause he's got a shield -- that's near unbreakable!!!" A savy director would know it's really now to introduce the issue of charisma, or intangibles, and though this would mean the humbling down of Robert Downey Jr., the cool wit, some, and the buffing up of the "America first" corny, this may be what we're going to get. (I hope it's not just explained away with a joke.) (As an aside, anyone catch Ebert mumbling about Wolverine in the X-Men movies? Something aking to, "he's got claws. Storm can summon hurricanes, but he's got claws -- why is he so much the focus of attention?"