Play Movieline's 2012 In Memoriam Oscar Montage Pool!

It's been known to galvanize everybody from the upper echelons of Academy leadership to the vexed likes of Corey Feldman. But regardless of the politics and passions, it's ultimately the all-too-rare equalizer for folks looking to play the odds at any Oscar party: The In Memoriam montage.

In grand Movieline tradition, this year's ballot considers those actors, directors, executives and other industry professionals to whom we said goodbye over the last year. (Actually, the dates for consideration generally run from Feb. 1 of the film-qualifying year to the Jan. 31 just before the broadcast, but Academy representatives did not respond to our requests for confirmation for 2011-12, so let's assume that Whitney Houston is likelier to be shoved in late than, say, Ben Gazzara.) Clip, save and share -- and good luck!

· Will They Make It? (Choose One)

George Kuchar (+5)
Harry Morgan (+10)
Jeff Conaway (+15)
Bubba Smith (+25)
None of the above (+20)

· Will Open the Montage

Polly Platt (+5)
Cliff Robertson (+10)
Bert Schneider (+20)
Michael Gough (+25)
None of the above (+15)

· Will End the Montage

Elizabeth Taylor (+5)
Sidney Lumet (+10)
Whitney Houston (+20)
Gilbert Cates (+25)
None of the above (+15)

· Will Get Montage's First Video Clip
Jane Russell (+5)
Cliff Robertson (+10)
Dolores Hope (+20)
Sidney Lumet (+25)
None of the above (+15)

· Will Get Montage's First Sound Clip

Farley Granger(+10)
Whitney Houston (+15)
Peter Falk (+20)
Betty Jane Rhodes (+25)
None of the above (+5)

· First Actor Named

Jackie Cooper (+5)
Michael Sarrazin (+10)
Farley Granger (+15)
Peter Falk (+25)
None of the above (+20)

· First Actress Named

Shelby Grant (+5)
Yvette Vickers (+10)
Phyllis Love(+15)
Jane Russell (+25)
None of the above (+20)

· First Director Named
Gary Winick (+5)
John Mackenzie (+10)
George Kuchar (+20)
Sidney Lumet (+25)
None of the above (+15)

· First Industry Executive Named

Bingham Ray (+5)
John Calley (+15)
Laura Ziskin (+25)
None of the above (+10)

· Oldest Selection

Dolores Hope, 102 (+5)
Gunnar Fischer, 100 (+10)
Louise Henry, 100 (+15)
G.D. Spradlin, 90 (+25)
None of the above (+20)

· Will Get His/Her Own Montage Elsewhere in Oscarcast

Elizabeth Taylor (+5)
Gilbert Cates (+10)
Sidney Lumet (+25)
None of the above (+15)

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  • justine says:

    They should have one dedicated just to Elizabeth Taylor and her greatness and another for everyone else.

    • Jack says:

      Justine, the academy is weird how they do their seperate montage pieces. You ask for Elizabeth, but James Stewart, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn and Paul Newman all were lumped in the regular in memoriam, but Sinatra, K. Hepburn and Stanley Kubrick got their own pieces, think it all goes to what else is planned for the night.

  • AC says:

    It's always terrible when the Academy overlooks a great talent for their "In Memoriam" segment. I don't know if betting on who will be left out is the classiest move.

  • Steve Belgard says:

    TCM always does a nice job when they do their "In Memoriam."

  • Martha Rix says:

    Polly Platt, who died this year of Lou Gehrig's disease, should certainly get a nod in the 2012 "In Memoriam" Oscars Montage. She was heavily involved in myriad roles in many unforgettable movies from "The Last Picture Show" to "Terms of Endearment." She is gone but not forgotten by her many admirers.

  • Audrey yatras says:

    who sang the song during the
    in memorandum section of oscars??

  • janet says:

    I was pleased to see George Kuchar honored. He was truly a great director, creator and coordinator and a pioneer of innovative effects, The little movie of him waving and smiling was very moving, seeing him healthy and alive.

  • Steve Belgard says:

    They left out a few as usual. No Harry Morgan, and no Yvette Vickers? Come on, "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman"? One of the best bad movies in film history.

  • Dawn says:

    Harry Morgan SHOULD have been included. He is actually a normal person. And yet the Acadmey includes a drugee(Whitney Huston) and a friggin man whore(Farley Granger) Come on people!

  • Eric says:

    tomw oouky goot eooickwt on ohit tiow, ohenk you foo conooibuoion.

  • Grace says:

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