Pixar Hits a Girl Power Bullseye with New Brave Trailer

Fingers are crossed that Pixar bounces back from the uncharacteristic critical disappointment that was Cars 2 with their next effort, Brave -- a foray into Disney princess territory about a headstrong young Scottish lass (voiced by Kelly Macdonald) who defies tradition in her parents' kingdom. A new trailer for the animated adventure promises no small measure of spunky girl power as our heroine Merida upends an archery contest where doofus candidates are vying for her hand in marriage.

It's not a traditional trailer so much as it is a scene from the film, but it conveys a sense of what to expect, tonally. (Watch the first full trailer here.) From what's been released so far it seems Brave's story will be its strength; the round, cartoony CG-animated character design doesn't appeal much to me, but Merida's spirit is infectious in this twist on the familiar medieval archery scenario. (That's Billy Connolly voicing her father and Emma Thompson as her mom, in case you were curious.)

Brave hits theaters June 22; leave your impressions below!


  • Jeri says:

    I am more than pumped to see this movie.

  • Laura says:

    I'm looking forward to watching this movie. I hope it's as good as it looks!

  • ken says:

    Is this really girl power, or just a girl setting aside all traces of femininity and accepting her inner man?

    Pixar couldn't and wouldn't make a true female-strong movie if their existence depended on it.