Finally: Return to Blood Fart Lake Arrives on DVD

Of course, everyone remembers the 2009 blockbuster Terror at Blood Fart Lake, which cost roughly $20 to make and drew such accolades as "You can watch the 'trailer' [...] but I sincerely recommend that you don’t" and "It looks like a few goth boys and girls made it while they were drunk and high." Pretty spellbinding, to be sure — thus the sequel Return to Blood Fart Lake, new today on DVD. Who's pumped?

I said, WHO'S... enh, never mind. I'm just throwing it out there as a counterpoint to this week's encroaching Oscar saturation. After all, why succumb to Hollywood's self-congratulatory pap when you can luxuriate in the no-budget pleasures of... this:

The "Scarecrow Killer" Jimmy Van Brunt is back and out for revenge in Return to Blood Fart Lake, the high octane, action packed, blood & corn filled sequel to the smash hit Terror at Blood Fart Lake! Many years have passed since the tragic events at Blood Fart Lake, where Jimmy dispatched a bunch of party going, cabin dwelling kids before he could be stopped by Ben Scrivens & his red neck pal, Leo Dechamp. Now Jimmy has returned, this time preying on a group of "Spirit Hunters" searching for the truth to his killings, & Ben must track down Leo before they're added to his list of victims!

Right? Anyway, it's bound to be better than The Daldry. I'll even get you started: Here's Terror at Blood Fart Lake in its entirety. Happy Tuesday!

And wait, what? It can't be: Return to Blood Fart Lake is on YouTube as well? But how will I get any work done today?

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