VIDEO: Let's Watch All the James Bond Film Intros Played at Once

Here is a new-ish 60-second bit of viral video that I wouldn't mind installed in my living room: The first minute of every James Bond film, played on one screen divided into 22 parts. You won't be able to take your eyes off it. As a bonus, find an older, longer complement that may finish the mind-blowing job commenced by the more recent video.

Also: You'll need full-screen and — if you're at work — headphones for maximum effect. Turn it up!

[Via Grantland]


  • SD says:

    Why is one in black and white?

    Dr No is first and the rest seem to be in chronological order so that would make it Casino Royale.

    I'm no fan of the last couple of films but I don't remember a B&W opening. Is this just taken from a dodgy cam bootleg or something?

    Now can someone put together all of the title sequences side by side?

  • Sophie says:

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