Halle Berry Is Back, and Swimming with Sharks, in Dark Tide

That's not a metaphor -- in the sea-bound thriller Dark Tide, Halle Berry makes her return to the spotlight as a diving expert convinced to come face to face once again with the kinds of Jaws-esque sharks that traumatized her years ago. This means the one-time Bond girl's back in a bikini, if you care about that kind of thing. Watch the trailer after the jump and decide if this is going to re-energize Berry's career.

Dark Tide is helmed by Top Gun actor-turned-filmmaker John Stockwell, who previously directed Blue Crush and Into the Blue (not to mention Crazy/Beautiful, Turistas, and others). One look at the trailer for Dark Tide and it's apparent Stockwell is in his wheelhouse; not only is this yet another lady-fronted watery tale, a la Blue Crush, it's also a glossy exotic travelogue of sorts, a la Into the Blue.

The film stars Berry and real-life flame Olivier Martinez as a couple of divers paid the big bucks to take a client out for shark dive sans cage. But when they agree to it, things start to unravel. Someone's getting pruny fingers!

Verdict: Looks to rank a smidge above direct-to-DVD.

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