Oscar Season Distilled to 14 Words

"I hated this so much. It also has a very good shot of winning." [The Awl]


  • Patrick Hallstein / McEvoy-Halston says:

    Even some of the ones I really like I had to take revenge upon first to not at some level also loathe -- Tree of Life (thanks for the supping of Father; I needed it, but it was still born out of trepidation towards Mother, as, seemingly, most all flms this year were) and Melancholia (Galactus drained the oncoming planet just as it was about to hit, and then Von Trier also for his total willingness to let TWO planets go to waste, and thinking this fun -- COMEDY!!!). The Oscars might end up feeling like a whole lot of people laughing at our expense, a gruesome scene out of Animal Farm. I'm tempted just to rewatch Mission Impossible 4 -- good sure company, that.

  • Robert Hamer says:

    Those fourteen words are my exact thoughts on The Descendants and Best Adapted Screenplay.

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