Live on Twitter: 2012 Oscar Nominee Luncheon is Underway

If you feel like whiling away the afternoon following updates about a room full of wealthy entertainers and/or movie-industry craftspeople eating, the Academy's Twitter feed might be for you.

The 2012 Oscar nominee luncheon is underway, which will culminate in grand group-photo tradition and at least a half-dozen bouts of indigestion. Bon appetit to all!

"I'll tell you my best joke but I'm not a comedian so it's not funny." - Nick Nolte #NomLunchMon Feb 06 20:58:15 via web

"The Oscar's better than the money. The villains are the ones you do for money. They're expensive...or they will be now." - Gary OldmanMon Feb 06 20:49:24 via web

5 Best Actor Nominees, 1 Photo. #NomLunch #Oscars Feb 06 20:46:48 via web

[Photo via Shutterstock]


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