Blade Runner 2 or Indiana Jones 5: Which Rumored Harrison Ford Project Do You Want Less?

Grains of salt at the ready! Twitchfilm is reporting that Harrison Ford is in "early talks" to join Ridley Scott's proposed Blade Runner follow-up -- you know, the one that will probably settle into the same limbo as every other rumored Ridley Scott film and which was previously described by its producer as a reboot, not a sequel. Nevertheless, let's assume for a second that this is a movie that is actually in some phase of development with the nearly 70-year-old actor considering his involvement. And then let's take all the gossip around a rumored fifth Indiana Jones film starring Ford at face value. I know it's difficult, but play along: Which movie would you want less? "Neither" is not an option!

These matters are too important to leave up to anything but democracy, so let's put it to a vote:


  • KevyB says:

    It's gotta be Blade Runner! Because I figure Indiana Jones 5 would start with Ford saying, "I'm too old for this shit!", then hiring a new crew a la Mission Impossible, and then THAT ragtag crew does all the work, occasionally phoning in their progress to a constantly napping Indy. But if he gets into another refrigerator, I'm changing my vote!

  • Brian says:

    cowboys and blade runners

  • Jake says:

    If Ridley Scott insists that Deckard is a replicant, he couldn't have aged 30+ years since Bladerunner. According to that film, he should be dead in four years!

    • ghinzdra says:

      The very idea of replicant, especially the latest models, are they are extremely close to humans. The whole movie plays with the idea they're actually more human(sacrificing their life, loving,etc... ) than human (hunters,.) . In Scott idea Deckard is the epitome of this. You can't tell he's a replicant anymore (bare a few hint in one of the movie version like the unicorn dream). He looks human down to the tinest details (like the fact that contrary to Baty he doesn't have any super abilities and as the end proves it his body is as fragile as one would expect from a human body). If you embrace that idea it's quite logical that he also has the lifespan of a human being.

  • Max Renn says:

    You guys are masochists. Do you really want to sit through another Indiana Jones movie like that last one, which was a complete piece of shit? At least you'd go into Blade Runner 2 with a clean slate.

    • bob says:

      It's not that we want to sit through another Indy movie, it's more like we want to preserve the integrity of the original Blade runner movie will likely be completely smashed in the sequel.

  • Marlowespade says:

    Dear Ridley:

    As much as I love Blade Runner - and I dearly, dearly love it - I do not want a reboot. I do not want a sequel. I do not want a prequel. I do not want a sidequel. Plenty of us love the original just the way it is (even if you're apparently not one of those people, given the bazillion re-cuts). On behalf of sci-fi fans who like ambiguity, mystery, and to leave some things to the imagination, I ask of you this - don't make this movie, no matter how many roses Sean Young's agent sends you.

  • Diane says:

    Since neither is an option, I'm voting for Blade Runner only because I could see Decker as a cameo, while Indy has to be the center of the movie

  • andy says:

    You really don't have any thing better to do than complaining? This is Harrison Ford we are talking about. The man in his 70ies will be 70 times better than half of what is around there at the moment, and probably will ever be. See the movie, then complain. ufff.