VIDEO: David Lynch Coffee Gets David Lynch Commercial

On the one hand, the guy who made The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive is entitled to some kind of lifetime exemption to direct whatever he wants whenever he wants -- Duran Duran concert videos, Dior commercials, debt-ceiling riffs, pop albums, whatever. On the other hand, David Lynch may as well be the art-house Donald Trump at this point, pursuer of nominal glories bordering on the fetishistic at best and the gratuitously stupid at worst.

Take this new coffee ad, for example -- probably better than anything you'll see on Super Bowl Sunday, but still an ad for a beverage branded by a master filmmaker turned hobbyist mythmaker. There's nothing here you didn't see 22 years ago in an episode of Twin Peaks; there is no other new Lynch cinema in any legitimate stage of development. Or maybe that's just how it feels! Your mileage may vary.

Related: Here's Lynch writing about his love for coffee, also old news. I am running out of things to give up on!

[AdWeek via THR]