Talkback: How Should They Rename the Kodak Theater?

News surfaced on Wednesday that Kodak, the once-proud photography giant whose heavy-duty film shackles have tripped it into bankruptcy, has gone to court to get out of its 20-year naming agreement with the owners of the Kodak Theater. Of course, the Academy Awards can't just be held at any anonymous old auditorium in the heart of Hollywood. This calls for creative solutions, and fast. Naturally, that's where Movieline readers come in.

While personally I have a fondness for Mark Lisanti's suggested switch to "In-N-Out Arena," theater owners CIM Group are going to need as many options to draw from as they can once the Kodak name is retired. Maybe "Meryl's Curse Shack and Seafood Alley"? "The Crash Taste-Memorial Pavilion"? Ohhhh -- how about "The Uggieseum"? OK, fine. Do your worst!

[THR, Grantland; photo via Shutterstock]


  • James says:

    Luckily, the Academy's Board of Governors gets to veto any name it doesn't feel fits the Oscars.

    I'd recommend Technicolor or Avid buy the naming rights, although Donald Trump would probably LOVE to have his name on the building.

    Can you fix your spelling of theater? Check the picture: it's the Kodak TheatRE. The Francophile in me is cringing.

    • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

      Can you fix your spelling of theater? Check the picture: it's the Kodak TheatRE. The Francophile in me is cringing.

      Sorry. House style is "theater." Pretty common among American publications. Can't help what folks wanna name their facilities.

  • The Winchester says:

    The Paul F. Thomp-ter.

  • Keith says:

    The Stephen Daldry Ampitheatre
    The Harvey Weinstein Memorial Auditorium
    The Cave of Lost Souls aka When was the last time you saw Mira Sorvino or F. Murray Abraham?
    Merylwood (like Dollywood, but with a "River Wild" themed log ride)
    Just a few suggestions

  • The Pope says:

    Billy's Crystal.

  • Dimo says:

    The Gap Adjacent

  • danrydell says:

    The Kodak, um, Blockbuster, no, the, uh Musicland...nuts. How about fog

    Man, this is NOT easy.

  • swarmster says:

    Not sure who will win, but you can bet corporations will be lining up around the block. Who can resist such a fine marketing opportunity? Associating one's name with this theatre and the Academy Awards is surely an honour no company could succeed without!

  • Michael says:

    How about something simple and cool, like “The Closet”? Just imagine Billy Bush on the red carpet saying, “All of Hollywood is in The Closet this evening just salivating at a chance to get their hands on Oscar.” Or how about, “Oscar has wrapped for the evening and I’m here catching the stars as they come out of The Closet. Hey look, it’s Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes. Tom, that is one beautiful beard…did you grow that for a role?”

  • dukeroberts says:

    The Vanitorium.

  • -- The Panavision Pavillion
    -- The RedBox (with facade renovation)
    -- The SanDisc .wav/Center
    -- Big Harvey's Guerdon Factory

  • Joann says:

    How about: "The theater formerly known as 'The Kodak Theater.'" Or shorten it after a few months and just call it "The Theater."