Ex-Agent Waxes Nostalgic For Former Life As a Shark

"My early experiences as an agent honed the 'me against the world' edge that was always nascent within me, and it served me well: I grew to see everyone, other than my clients, as enemies... When you sign a client, it is almost gladiatorial in that you’re taking away the livelihood of your competitor: It is very visceral and gratifying in a primordial way, not unlike biting into the flesh of an animal you’ve hunted." [NY Magazine]


  • Patrick Hallstein says:

    Gavin primarily want us to know is that who he ESSENTIALLY is, is someone who was man enough to test himself in a merciless environment, and come out a winner. That he admits to being a mediocre producer, is hardly a give -- as we all intuit that proven warriors receive everything else in life -- the titles, promotions, the easier and likely simply easeful life, as our way of appreciating them for their earlier gladiatorial total carnage: to have become a top-dog producer would have been like for Bill Clinton to become in his retirement a pro-golfer: you're part now is just to round out, fumble around, even, and become more ephemeral.