Bruce Lee as Spider-Man, Harvey Keitel as Wolverine, and More Marvel Superhero Concept Art by Alexandre Tuis

Marvel Superheroes by Alexandre Tuis

Bruce Lee as Spidey? Harvey Keitel as Wolverine? Now this is fantasy superhero casting I can get behind. Check out these and more pieces of gorgeous concept art from French artist/creature designer Alexandre Tuis, who racked his pop culture-loving memory banks to envision Marvel's most famous heroes as played by a roster of legends and favorite actors. Rutger Hauer as Thor? Come on now. Perfection.

Tuis is a talented artist who's contributed concept art to film productions including Dark Shadows and the soundalike Dead Shadows and cites Frank Frazetta as an inspiration; he frequently circles back to his love of movies in his work, hence fun side projects like this Marvel series.

Scroll down to see Tuis's Marvel superheroes, re-imagined (all art work reposted with permission):

Harvey Keitel as Wolverine: Eat your heart out, Hugh Jackman.

Bruce Lee as Spider-Man: If only! Possibly the best fantasy Spidey casting I've ever heard.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Colossus: No need to hide an accent! Plus, the added cheeky nod to the T-1000. Who's made of metal now?

Rutger Hauer as Thor: Hauer in his heyday as the Norse god. Chris Hemsworth who?

Head to Tuis's website for the full set of Marvel superheroes, including some truly inspired choices including Zorro/Lost in Space's Guy Williams as Iron Man and Bill Bixby as (what else?) the Incredible Hulk.


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