Mel Gibson Totally Wanted to Go Straight To Video With His New Film, Of Course

Because he deseeeeerrrrrvvvves it: "Now, it might be easy to conjecture that Gibson’s recent personal issues were a reason to bypass theaters, especially after The Beaver grossed less than $1 million domestic. I think this is different — a ballsy move by a maverick entrepreneur whose willingness to break rules led him to self-finance the $30 million R-rated The Passion Of The Christ and watch it gross $371 million domestic and $612 million worldwide (still the biggest indie film of all time), and spend $40 million to fund Apocalypto, a film that grossed $51 million domestic and $121 million worldwide." [Deadline]


  • AS says:

    He should just smile and blow me.

  • Artist-hating Charles says:

    Mel's next project? A movie in which the only woman left who still likes him is a lesbian.

  • 2+2=5 says:

    Not sure why people expect from directors, actors and artists in general to be some sort of super liberal philanthropist with extreme sensitivity to the world problems and with ultra fairness to everyone. So the guy is a dick, so?