When Movie Ads Go Wrong: Man on a Ledge Edition

You know how when you're browsing around online, and you arrive at a news site or some other ad-supported publication that digs into your Web history for the most appropriate display ads to show you on your visit? Except they're not appropriate, like, at all? Try this recent combo found by a Movieline reader in Australia:

I mean, sure! Sydney restaurateur survives 25-meter fall from balcony + your desirable age/economic demographic + Sam Worthington's slow career suicide new film opening soon = Marketing genius. If only we'd had a guy plunge eight stories in one of our bigger American metropolises! This movie might have made some money.

Anyway, can't wait to see Titanic 3-D ads automatically show up on every story about the Costa Concordia for the next two months. You're welcome, James Cameron.

[Sydney Morning Herald]


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