Monumental Trailer: Save America For Kirk Cameron's Six Kids

That bottomless treasure trove of pop-culture conservatism know as Big Hollywood has done it again, showcasing a guest post from Kirk Cameron about his new documentary Monumental. It has it all: Growing Pains call-outs, Ronald Reagan quips, history tourism, longing gawks at American flags, Cameron and family saying grace... everything, perhaps, except Sarah Palin excreting some half-truth about Wasilla. Have a look!

You won't regret it, either. Those on the right will nod approvingly of the actor-filmmaker's spirit-nourishing quest, and those on the left will reel ecstatically from all, oh, 241 reaction shots featuring Cameron in various stages of pride, vexation, indigestion, and/or all of the above. (I especially urge you to savor the side-splitting morsel around the :39 mark.) "What if real change doesn’t start at the top but at the bottom?" he writes at BH. "What if the best place to begin transforming our country is not the Oval Office but the dinner table?" Ha! Good luck with that -- check-splitting with underemployed media types is at least twice as hard as guiding our nation. I can only imagine what it's like with six kids.

The Cameron screens one night only on March 27. Learn more here, or not.

[Big Hollywood]


  • j'accuse! says:

    I have a hard time w/ stuff like this Stu. You know I generally mock some of the same stuff you do, but when somebody is so painfully earnest like this it almost makes me feel bad to laugh...or at least to admit it.

    I think, in a weird way, the theme of this film ties in w/ current political debate over lack of civility and Midnight in Paris. All seem to glorify a hallowed past that likely wasn't as good as we all think it was, and was likely far more like our own time than we'd like to admit. It's just that The Cameron is far, far cornier in execution.

  • Brandon says:

    Either Kirk Cameron has set aside the whole
    evangelical thing or the trailer here just conveniently leaves that part out. What do you think?

    • Ron says:

      I find it odd that yuo would want to bring up the "Whole evangelical thing" as if it were a negative, or as if it wern't a part of the foundings of this nation. And a MAJOR part as well.

      To a great many of us, the "Whole evangelical thing" is a "GOOD THING"...

  • Chuck Carter says:

    Kirk has nailed the only HOPE for are Nation to return to its greatness. Open your eyes, reality is about to undo this once great nation.!

  • Holly says:

    Since when are we ones to mock somebody's beliefs. I guess the fact that somebody else other than obvious charities cares about the divorce rate, school drop-outs, teenage pregnancy rate - issues that it has been proven would improve if more families spent time together at home and *gasp* the dinner table - makes it worthy of your scorn. Is it fair to scorn a man who only wants a better economic situation for his children? Have we become a country that no longer respects decent people simply because our values or faith are not the same? I thought differences and the ability to voice those are what made our country great, but apparently I've been lied to my entire life. However, thank you for sharing your opinion.

    • Ron says:

      People always mock that which they don't understand, or completely disagree with (philosphically) when they don't have an actual cogent argument.

      This is all they have Holly. And that is why people like Scott can do nothing else but mock...

  • Scott Hamilton says:

    I feel completely free to mock someone's beliefs if they're stupid or wrong. And anyone who thinks separation of church and state is misunderstood based on what the Mayflower pilgrims thought on the subject is an idiot. Period. I will scorn that person, mock that person, point out that beliefs of one small group of colonists had almost nothing to with the writing of our Constitution one hundred years after they were all dead. Facts count.

    • Ron says:

      And you should feel completely free in making a fool out of yourself while doing so (historically and otherwise). I would wonder though; can you please provide where this (so called) separation of church and state (which doesn’t exist in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, or any other founding document, by the way) affects this documentary? It seems that your “false beliefs” concerning the “Mayflower Pact, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, or any other founding document, provides a great deal of evidence of your complete ignorance concerning these documents.

  • Wendy Barton says:

    Wow I really want to see this movie. I hope it is sold in Christian book stores after its showing in the theaters. I wrote a letter to the editor of my home town newspaper telling all that none of the theaters in my town would be showing it. WOW I got lots of replies and only one nice. I started paying attention to Kirk quite some time ago and started following his ministry. I ordered an Evidence Bible and love it and share it with my friends as they now want one also as its so informative and thought provoking. God Bless Kirk and I hope to find a copy of this movie for purchase as I saw the trailer and its so moving.

  • Karen says:

    I'm so excited about this documentary. How can everyone not see that history does indeed repeat itself? How can anyone not want the best for their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, including a rock solid faith? The main reason this causes such a ruckus with a certain population is that they don't want to admit that there is a powerful Almighty God. They want to be their own god. And even though God does love us all, if we choose to reject him, then he will not continue to uphold the blessings of this land. Check history out on that one.

  • Dave says:

    As a former Marine nearing retirement, I don't scoff at what Mr. Cameron is doing as many do. God bless him because he is a responsible adult, NOT like the children of the left who believe in their pseudo-superiority over others. Love of one's country is not a mortal sin, and belief in God is what built this country, NOT pseudo-intelluctual socialism. Those on the left who believe that socialism is the saving grace of the world need only look as far as Nazi Germany, present day China and North Korea and Vietnam. The only way that socialism works is to micro-control every aspect of one's life. And when that cannot be accomplished, you are eliminated. Again God bless Kirk Cameron for his efforts which will ring true above the psychobabble of the left. Our forefathers gave us our freedom, but it is up to us to see that we keep it.

  • Jim G says:

    Too many Americans, perhaps the majority, have been and remain too complacent with the "way things are." We listen and/or read daily of a Government (our Government) that continues to fail us and a country (our home) in decline. We do so as if we were observing from a foreign land-disconnected from these concerns and without obligation to respond. It's time for each of us to act in some way to better this country- it's time to get involved.

  • sheila says:

    I can't wait to see this. Our nation was founded on the word of God. I am so thankfull to Mr. Cameron for stepping out in faith, to make this documentory. A nation without God will not stand. We have to save our nation and that begins with God's Grace and knowing what is happening to it.
    Thank You Mr.Cameron

  • Samantha Ryberg says:

    I thought it was a very good& informative movie. What I don't get is people saying how Kirk preaches "hate"...what about his freedom of speech or freedom of religion? Does that rule only apply to someone with other views? He, as everyone, is entitled to their own beliefs & just because it differs from yours that doesn't mean it is "hate"
    Freedom in America means we can have different opinions & beliefs, but we should remain respectful not judgemental.

  • Tony says:

    So these Pilgrims he's describing escaped England to escape religious persecution only to establish their own brand of persecution... burning witched, branding women with those en vogue scarlet letters
    prescribing the death penalty for adulterers, homosexuals and witches, whipping for denying the scriptures and a fine for harboring a Quaker. I guess they didn't learn from their own persecution