Finally, Moustaches Get Their Own Film Festival

This just in at Movieline HQ: "With the return in popularity of the moustache, the organizer of New England’s largest moustache pageant [...] is introducing the world's first known International Moustache Film Festival in 2012." And, with a whole $100 in prize money, so remunerative!

I'd have preferred the Stache d'Or, but hey. Here's a video call for submissions, with full press release and submission details below. Beware: Hipsters ahoy!


International Moustache Film Festival - The World's Hairiest Film Festival

Portland, Maine-- With the return in popularity of the moustache, the organizer of New England’s largest moustache pageant, No Umbrella Media, is introducing the world's first known International Moustache Film Festival in 2012. The festival will be be held immediately before the fifth annual Stache Pag on March 30, 2012. The film selection committee must receive all film submissions by March 24, 2012. This festival is open to film makers the world over. The finalists will have their 8 minute or less films shown and judged at the festival. The winner will be chosen and awarded a cash prize.

Dr. Lou Jacobs, director of The New England Bureau of The American Mustache Institute will be the host of the film festival. “This is an important moment in moustache history," says Dr. Jacobs. “Never has there been a film festival dedicated to the unique art of filming the mustached male (or female). The American Mustache Institute would like to congratulate the IMFF for it’s efforts to preserve the mustached arts.” 

Silly as this may sound, the festival is quite serious. The beneficiaries of the festival and 5th Annual Stache Pag will be Northeast Historic Film, MENSK and Mystache Fights Cancer. The events put on by No Umbrella Media are designed to preserve the arts and save lives.

Some of the many film categories will be: Best Foreign Moustache Film, Best Growth Story, Best Collection of Moustaches in One Film and Best Fake Moustache Movie.

Video announcement is located at

No Umbrella Media is Portland, ME-based video production company specializing in authentic storytelling through video.

The American Mustache Institute has been "protecting the rights of, and fighting discrimination against moustached Americans, by promoting the growth, care, and culture of the moustache."

Date: March 30, 2012
Venue: Port City Music Hall - 504 Congress Street, Portland, Maine.

Film Festival Begins: 7:30pm

Stache Pag Begins: 10pm
For more information, including ticket info, and how to enter the Moustache Pageant or Film Festival, please visit the websites.



  • j'accuse!ly says:

    So it will be mainly Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds films?

  • Bean Sprouts says:

    This is an historic event! Thanks for posting this.

    However, as a Mainer, I wanted to set the record straight regarding your comment on hipsters.

    Since the state of Maine is about 10 years behind the rest of the country in everything (we just got flatscreen tv's and breakfast sandwiches here in 2011), hipsters still have not arrived to the Pine Tree State.

    Please adjust your travel plans accordingly.

    Bean Sprouts

  • Sanje says:

    Except New Mexico already had an International Moustache Film Festival! So it's not the first ever

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