Help Movieline Caption The Collision of Twilight and the Golden Girls at the People's Choice Awards

Let's be honest: Nobody watches the People's Choice Awards for the actual awards. As awards season proper kicks off it's a populist popularity contest, a loose warm-up to this weekend's Golden Globes, a pit stop on the tour of red carpet photo ops for celebrities and TV stars and actors with upcoming movies to pimp. But events like this give us lovely little gifts, random social snapshots that peek behind the curtain of celebrity. Last night they gave us Hunger Games tingles. Cute coupledom. And, perhaps best of all, Robert Pattinson having a ball with Betty White.

Who was the genius People's Choice Awards planner that seated Pattinson next to the erstwhile Golden Girl in the front row? What did the Twilight star and the bubbly octogenarian have to talk about during commercial breaks? (Perhaps this?) Could the casualwear-clad Pattinson have looked any more like a kid tagging along with his grandma to a fancy dinner for grownups? WHAT DID BETTY THINK OF RPATTZ'S NEW HAIRCUT??

I kid, I kid. It's the single most adorable photo to come from last night and I love thinking that the two became instant besties and exchanged cell numbers on the spot. This stuff doesn't happen at the Oscars, folks. Help me celebrate this moment in time with your captioning skills in the comments below!

Photo: Getty Images


  • Andrew says:

    I want to say something snarky about R.Patz, but I'm afraid the sockpuppets will eat me.

  • ellis says:

    Can you feel all this sexual tension. Rawr.

  • j'accuse! says:

    Hope this isn't terribly off topic, but this whole People's Choice thing makes me wonder...50 years from now, what's going to be our On The Waterfront? Our Gene Kelly? Our Hedy Lamarr? Do we know now, or will we only find out in the future? And if the bad taste generally represented by the People's Choice awards determines what's classic and what's not, is that where we're headed? Does that mean that previous generations really had better taste than us? Man...Jen...this whole thing has put me in a downright Beckettian mood.

    • jenyamato says:

      I feel like only time gives you that perspective on what makes a classic, or an icon. I have a feeling we've got something in Fassbender or Gosling, but who's to say we don't just have Fassygoose goggles at the moment?

      And re: What the PCAs mean in the grand scheme of things... I think if they'd existed during the Golden Age, for example, the People's Choice Awards would have just as bad and as obvious a sense of taste. So fret not!

  • HV says:

    The casting of the Harold and Maude remake moves forward.

  • Peggy says:

    I hope she didn't catch his cold!

  • VeX says:

    Finally, Edward dates someone his own age.

  • holyfool says:


  • KRIS the KLINGON says:

    It's the guy on the left-hand side of the picture.
    That's the Mad Hatter from Disney's ALICE IN
    WONDERLAND, isn't it?

  • MartiniShark says:

    "So Betty, what do you think, Hot In Blackburn? Hot In Norwich? I'm just freestyling 'ere, just seeing if anythin' sticks."

  • Jim S says:

    If you know spunky Betty White, you can bet she said: "You can bite my neck anytime Sonny!". Caption: Pattinson bites off more than he can handle. or how about: "White sheds light on Pattinson's night" on a roll: White meets Dark Knight?

  • Allen Hill says:

    Cool beans! I agree, I'll bet that they enjoyed getting acquainted with one another.

  • Levi says:

    Bella's still waiting for Edward to put out.