Chill, Broseph: Watch Daniel Radcliffe Speak American in SNL Promos

Harry Potter star (or, as Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudeikis dubs him below, "Sex Wizard") Daniel Radcliffe will step up to host SNL this Saturday, so to prepare for the big night he and Sudeikis shot a promo video teasing the hilarity to come. "Are you doing a character? Like a chimney sweep?" Sudeikis asks upon hearing Radcliffe speak. "Can you do an American accent?" With a resounding "Chill, broseph," Radcliffe shows that yes, he totes can. Watch the erstwhile Harry Potter speak bro and wax poetic about Mountain Dew after the jump.

I'm inclined to be optimistic that SNL first-timer Radcliffe can pull off the gig, probably playing straight man to Sudeikis and Co. like many a guest host from the world of dramatic acting. Will it top Charles Barkley's ratings grabber from last weekend? Probably not -- that is, unless Radcliffe heeds Sudeikis's words of wisdom and dances like nobody's watching.

Which raises the question: Is there room for yet another track-suited white boy back-up dancer on What Up With That?



  • John says:

    Did I just have to watch a commercial before I watched a commercial?

    • j'accuse! says:

      Yes, for some appalling CMT reality show about hillbillies with gold teef (or is it teeph?). I despair for the culture. Also, working on my screenplay for Ass right now. It's highly intertextual and reflexive, natch.

      • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

        Eeek. I apologize for this but hasten to add that there are no warranties against destabilizing advertisements expressed or implied in any of our video postings. We don't make the rules! We just tearfully recoil from their implications.

  • Addison says:

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