Announcing Movieline on ENTV (and an iPad 2 Giveaway!)

In between all the trenchant dog interviews and Taiwanese Star Wars news animations you're likely to find at Movieline on any given day, a nagging question no doubt persists: Where can I find the most up-to-the-minute entertainment news videos on the Web? I've got not only your answer, but at least one shiny, highly desirable reason to check it out.

First things first: Movieline's parent company PMC is excited to announce the launch of our partner brand, ENTV, on YouTube! In addition to featuring breaking news from this site and its siblings Deadline, HollywoodLife, and TVLine, ENTV will also feature some of your favorite Movieline talent, YouTube movie reviewers and more.

But wait! Subscribe to the ENTV YouTube channel now and you will be automatically entered to win an iPad 2! Say whaaaa? Yes, an iPad 2 -- Apple's top-of-the-line tablet on which you can keep abreast of ENTV, Movieline and the rest of the PMC family wherever you go. As an iPad owner, let me just say I use mine every day, it is the future you keep hearing about, and it makes a great camping plate in a pinch.

Rules are available in this convenient PDF file, and once again, you can (and should) subscribe to ENTV right here. Good luck!

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