7 Minutes of Red Tails: What Do You Think?

Via The Playlist, here's your chance to finally weigh in on seven minutes of the George Lucas-produced, Anthony Hemingway-directed Tuskegee Airmen biopic Red Tails. The film opens Jan. 20, but your jaw drops effective immediately.

Here: Jen and I will go first (Lucas quote via USA Today):

Your turn:

· Watch: 7 Minutes From The George Lucas Produced WWII Film 'Red Tails' [The Playlist]


  • Ethan says:

    I'm so glad we got to see your ichat transcript! Oh man! are you guys funny! Please do more of these! It's always refreshing to see snide, un-funny potshots thrown at movies nobody has even seen yet! God bless movieline.

    • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

      No, no, no -- it's what do you think of the clips?

      • Forget it, ST... It's Internet-town. No reading comprehension required.

        Took me awhile to realize they were clips, not one long 7 minute chunk of the film. It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Reading that George Lucas quote left a worse taste in my mouth.

        Honestly, I'm amazed at the restraint that there isn't a Jay Z song or something during an attack. (You know, because G-Luc is down with Oakland sound).

        Is there any way we can have Madea reacting to that quote? Like the George C Scott watching Jack and Jill trailer thing?

        • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

          Is there any way we can have Madea reacting to that quote? Like the George C Scott watching Jack and Jill trailer thing?

          This. is. Genius. I will see if I can get some video minions on the Madea catalog ASAP.

          • The Winchester says:

            If I wasn't already at work, (albeit procrastinating but commenting) I would do it myself and call it a late christmas gift to you.

          • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

            Ha! I appreciate that, sincerely. And for the record: I have no video minions, so your late Christmas present likely remains the only way this is getting done.

  • MartiniShark says:

    I feel as if my parents visited "Pearl Harbor" and brought this back from the gift shop.

    While it is nice to see Cuba Gooding promoted like this you would expect a person of authority to wear his uniform hat correctly.

  • AS says:

    This. Looks. Terrible.

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