$1M Pick-Up The Devil Inside Has Already Banked $2M in Midnight Sales

This just in from Nikki Finke: Paramount's cheap wannabe found footage hit The Devil Inside -- which drew reports of audible grumbles and boos as the credits rolled at sneak screenings in Los Angeles and New York last night -- has already made back double its acquisition costs. "The Devil Inside acquired for $1M opened with $2M midnights from 1,400 theaters. It goes wide into 2,300 theaters today," Finke writes at Deadline, adding that "the genre film plays very young and very ethnic so it will probably be frontloaded." Nice. Very young and very ethnic. If the pic turns into a Paranormal Activity-esque hit, you know who to blame. [Deadline, @STYDnews, Moviefone]


  • MartiniShark says:

    I may never tire of how you can get away with gutter racism, as long as you are talking statistics/demographics.

    --"Don't go to that part of town after dark, it plays very ethnic."
    --"That demo trends as never picking up their yards."