Jeremy Renner Escapes Crazy Thailand Stabbing Brawl Without Using Bourne Skills

According to the Phuket Gazette, Bourne Legacy star Jeremy Renner was maybe-sorta (okay not really) involved in an insane-sounding bar brawl this week in Thailand in which an associate was attacked and stabbed by a host of bar employees. Oh, I'm sorry: Bar employees wielding knives and a freaking homemade battle axe. But fear not! It seems Renner, most recently seen in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and currently in Thailand shooting his Bourne flick, hightailed it out and escaped unscathed. Wish we could say the same about his reported acquaintance, one Vorasit Issara, who took injuries to his stomach and neck in the melee. [Phuket Gazette, ETonline]