Bel Ami Early Screening Draws Raves for Robert Pattinson's Buttcrack, Thrusting

Most audiences will have to wait until this spring to glimpse Twilight vamp Robert Pattinson as a rascally womanizer in the period drama Bel Ami, but select lucky Belgian fans got a chance to screen the film early this week. Since the trades have yet to pass judgment, let's take a look at what the netizens had to say in their Bel Ami fan reviews: "Amazing!" "Stunning!" "A little bit psycho!" And, oh my -- "sexy thrusting!" More waxing poetic over RPattz's heavenly buttcrack (and oh yeah, his performance) after the jump.

The period tale, adapted from Guy de Maupassant's novel, follows the exploits of Georges Duroy (Robert Pattinson) as he sleeps his way through Parisian high society bedding ladies (Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas) left and right. What did these citizen critics have to say following Bel Ami's debut in Belgium?

From @NissaStew:


From @JewelFen via RobertPattinsonUK:

There’s one scene, which we personally found a bit odd. George wants to have sex with Madeleine, she at first doesn’t but gives in. Then there’s an extreme side close up from George’s face, and you see a bit of Madeleine where she is practically raping him. He wants her to slow down, but she just keeps going on. You only saw George’s face, and that was just awkward. Of course he finishes, but not on a happy note..You have to see it to understand, it was filmed really weird.

From @bikinistew:

The part where he gets all crazy and mad because it seems like he loses everything, may be the strongest part of the film, in my opinion. He’s raging all the time, smashing some glasses against the walls (which you may have seen in the trailers too), He throws women on the ground and so on,..

From @GigglyKristen

After about 5 minutes it was already NAKED ROB time! HE’S THE THRUSTER! Yes, you can say that! I didn’t expect that it would be that way, it was shocking, intense, yeah we’re not used to see Rob like this. NAKED BUT AND THRUST, THRUST… I was already dead after 5 minutes!

And then he was wearing some 19th century underpants, and all I saw was BUTTCRACK!

From @iHeartBadasStew:

*SPOILER* Rob has one hell of an ass!

From IMDb user Blackbeanie:

To be honest, I don’t think this is Oscar material.

In sum: Angry RPattz is good, RPattz buttcrack is great, RPattz's thrusting is phenomenal, Uma raping RPattz is weird, and the jury's out on Bel Ami's Oscar chances. Works for me! Variety and THR, eat your hearts out.

For more fan reviews, check out these diligent reports from the good folks at ROBsessed and Spunk-Ransom.

Sony/Columbia will release the R-rated Bel Ami stateside.

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  • america says:

    Twilight Belgium:

    As you know, Belgium had the pleasure to discover Bel Ami in exclusivity during the famous Ladies at the Movies night from the Kinepolis group. As a Rob fan, I couldn't miss it for the world!
    By the way, my review is spoiler free!
    Bel Ami is an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Guy de Maupassant. I didn't read the book so unfortunately, I can't tell you if the movie is faithful to the book or not.

    The movie takes place in Paris during the 1800s. Georges Duroy, a poor soldier, is in search of success and is trying to make money in Paris. His life changed when he met an old "friend" of his, Charles Forestier, who introduce him to the director of his paper, La vie Française. Georges is hired as a journalist despite is pity writing.
    Georges soon find his place in the upper-middle class... especially with the women.

    Let's start with Rob's performance : he's simply amazing!
    Georges is a greedy character who is capable of everything for money. He knows women are not insensitive to his charm et doesn't hesitate to use that to manipulate them.
    He can be a little psycho too when things don't go his way! But that's what I like in Rob's performance: he got this dark and intensive look that can make you melt! The best part is when's he mad... that was sexyyy!
    Uma Thurman (Madeleine Forestier), Kristin Scott Thomas (Virginie Rousset) and Christina Ricci are also very good too. For me, the best was Kristin Scott Thomas who is excellent. Her character made me laugh so much!

    But of course, as expected, it's not the kind of movie that's full of action and the rhythm is very slow. It didn't bother me though, I never got bored for one tiny second.
    I was surprised to see some funny scenes too, especially with the character of Virginie.

    We also talked a lot about nudity and sex scenes in the movie... Well, there's some nudity (like Rob's buttcrak for example!) and an explicit (but short) sex scene. But it's just in the beginning and that's about all there is too see... Call me perv but I was expecting a lot more! lol

    Anyway, I really like the movie. Okay, it's slow but based on the story, it's kind of expected. I don't think it's made for the general public but it should please those who like that kind of movie... and Rob fans should be thrilled by his amazing performance that shows how talented he really is.

  • leslie says:

    From Astrid...the awesome reader who broke the Ladies At The Movies event to us. She wrote and said she wasn't going to really review but I had to share her thoughts since I'm so grateful for her "tip":
    Your amazing blog already had a lot of reviews about Bel Ami up already so I'm not gonna write another one.
    I agree with everything they're saying:
    - Rob had his character down completely.
    - The way his character was able to play everyone around him was brilliant.
    - He looked powerful and determined, staring people down like they were insects
    - He nailed every emotion. Spot on (especially angry - I was really surprised it was that good!)

    I don't think I need to explain how good he is when he's seducing the women. It's unbelievable - I was melting!
    His smug smile: GOLD!

    I was felt kinda proud when he name appeared on the screen in huge, elegant letters during the credits.
    I would like to mention this:
    When I walked out of the cinema my first thought was "He's gonna blow us all away in Cosmopolis".
    In this movie he was a nobody who wanted to rise to power. As soon as he got a taste of it he became this cocky bastard, but sometimes (when he was by himself) you could see the doubt creep up on him and you'd see the cracks in his façade.
    Imagine what he'll be like when he actually is a powerful rich man from birth, not a doubt in his mind.
    I'm even more excited for Eric Parker after seeing George DuRoy.

  • victoria says:

    So, I saw Bel Ami last night, and it’s just amazing, actually when we were 20 minutes or something in the movie I was thinking it was Oscar worthy…I also think Rob’s performance is really amazing, though he always is amazing of course. But I do have to admit and this might be an unpopular opinion, but Georges is kind of a jerk.
    That was my general opinion on it, and again, if you don’t want to be spoiled get away from here.
    So when the movie started Georges was in his apartment and well, he was kind of a mess. but then he went to a bar and there he met Charles Forestier, one of his former buddies. After that also came the first sex scene with one of the hookers. But anyway Georges was invited to come dine with Forestier, and there he met Forestier’s wife, Madeleine(and all the other women he’d fuck later on in the movie).In this scene I want to tell, the acting is briliant.
    But at the dinner someone suggests he should write about his experience in Algiers but well, he doesn’t have any experience in writing, Madeleine suggests she’d help him, and so she does. When she is helping him,she tells him not to try with her, that it won’t work.
    The article is a huge hit and Laroche(the boss of the journal) wants more of it and hires Georges. Of Course Duroy knows he can’t keep asking Madeleine, and so he doesn’t, and he also doesn’t write the second article.
    Then he goes to Clotilde de Marelle’s house.There he also meets Laurine, Clotilde’s daughter. I’m actually kinda sad she wasn’t more in the movie, I just loved that scene, Georges and Laurine were playing tag, and it was just so amazing to see Rob run around the room like that. So then Georges invited Clotilde over to his apartment, which is also kinda funny, he buys all these kind of decorations but it just doesn’t help the room much, so then she suggests that she could hire a room for them, which then kinda becomes their love nest.
    Georges eventually gets fired from the journal, because when he tried to write something it sucked. He does get a new job in the journal and here’s how: Madeleine had told him that Virginie, Laroche’s wife, her opinion is worth ten years of begging with the boss. And so he goes to give her some pears, which was funny scene ‘cause he was the only male with a lot of women.But he gets a job at the journal at the gossip section( i have no idea if he does to in the book but that was funny).
    When Georges finds out Forestier is really ill and he had gone to Cannes to get better he goes there too. When he arrives there he’s wearing a white suite, and that’s hot. Forestier doesn’t get better and eventually dies, and there there was something I didn’t really understand: Madeleine and Georges were on a funeral but then Charles wasn’t dead yet. I have no idea why that was, was it another funeral, or something wrong in the movie, I have no idea. But after he died, Georges immediately asked Madeleine to marry him. Madeleine tells him to think about it really well, ‘cause to her marriage is more a business deal. But they do marry, though you don’t get to see anything of that, they are already married in the next scene. That is also the scene in which he gets a new name: Georges Du Roy de Cantel.
    Georges and Madeleine work a lot together, or Madeleine works and Georges is irritating but of course Georges wants sex with his wife and when she gives in, well i won’t give details, but it’s like she raped him.
    George is suspecting Madeleine has thing with the count, and well he’s right. When he dies, Madeleine inherits all the count’s money. And on top of that George also finds out Madeleine has an affair with Laroche. So they divorce.
    George finds out Suzanne the daughter of Virginie and Laroche her dowry is worth 30 million francs, and he wants to marry her. And so he does, and then my dear friends is the end of the movie.
    Overall I enjoyed this movie a lot, yes, i had some laughs, and I saw his butt, and he thrusted, and that does things to me. But I think beyond the sex there is a great story, and i wanted to share that, and yes i know loads of you have read the book but, as you can see that is much different.I didn’t mention a lot of the sex, but i think if you’d count there are 10 or less, i have no idea tbh.

  • albany says:

    Bel Ami Review.

    I’ve just seen Bel Ami…
    Rob’s acting is so extremely good in it!!! It’s so different from the things he has done so far, but he did it extraordinary good! HE CAN LITTERALY DO ALL KINDS OF MOVIES!

    Like really, I believed everything, I believed every wrinkle in his face, every eye contact he made, every step he took, every word he said, EVERYTHING! Yeah, that’s acting!

    I had goose bumps throughout the entire movie!

    Rob did an amazing job, and not only Rob, the entire cast was WOW! So good!

    The first moment of the movie was so jfksdjfksdljlksdflqs, yeah, really I’ve no words for that. I was so excited and then seeing Rob his (first his feet, then the rest of his body ) face… I was shaking! He’s so good, just one look to share something, yeah, THAT’S acting! I already knew he was good, but it’s confirmed again!

    After about 5 minutes it was already NAKED ROB time! HE’S THE THRUSTER! Yes, you can say that! I didn’t expect that it would be that way, it was shocking, intense, yeah we’re not used to see Rob like this. NAKED BUT AND THRUST, THRUST… I was already dead after 5 minutes!

    And then he was wearing some 19th century underpants, and all I saw was BUTTCRACK!

    The sex scene with Uma Thurman was almost disgusting, it was like he was almost raped, his face… :O

    OMG, Rob is so cute with little children! He was playing tag with Laurine and it was hilarious! Seeing him jump on the sofa and stuff :’) I was laughing so hard!

    Rob’s little smile is also present! 🙂 And the hair-move too! :’)

    You can really see the evolutions of George Duroy, he always shows more of his character… AMAZING MOVIE IS AMAZING!

    There are a few scenes in the movie in which Rob has tears in his eyes, it really touched me!

    The whole movie is filled with so many emotions and Rob and all the other actors can show those emotions extremely well!

    The people the row behind me were so annoying. They were talking about ‘oh it’s that vampire boy’ and stuff. I could slap them in the faces, I was so angry! But It felt so good when I heard them talking when the movie was done! They were really discussing things and actually said that Rob is a great actor and that they enjoyed the movie and didn’t expect it to be so good.

    Well, I can say you that Rob’s performance in this movie is definitely worth some awards and stuff!

  • laura says:

    Just One word to describe:Perfect!!! I love the story!!! the roleplay & the actors.. rob plays perfectly!! He plays George like he would be him (I would believe him he's George if I not knows him already^^ ) I Love Bel Ami!! I love George (I would definitely merry him lol) I think it's his best character play!!(with Edward) it's different to all before .. He had So Much emotions and Erotic just adorable!! and YES we can see him naked *_* pureeee erotic!!! omg he's so damn sexy I bet all rob lovers stuck the breath after watching these movie :)like me Rob I thank you!!! And you can say what u want but It agree once more that Rob is one of the best actor in our world !!! And it was so worth to drive!! Wish I could see bel ami now again *_*but now waiting 4months.. just sleep now to realize I saw one of the best movies ever from the men I love every day more and more <30 Thank you for listening ly 🙂

  • nessie says:

    So, I just realized I haven't posted here for ages- how could that happen actually? But after watching the movie yesterday and reading a few of the comments I decided to put my two cents about it out here as well. At first: Rob did an amazing job! He got a step further or maybe he was already there but couldn't show it fully before- thinking about some of the scenes in LA right now. What so ever, the emotional range he was capable to show in that movie is impressive. Unbelievable he was just 23 while shooting those scenes. Kudos, Robert, you were extraordinary!

    And now I will say something a lot of people might not like, no offense but I just need to say it. This is not a nice film, and the sex scenes yes, they are their, but come on girls, this is not what this should be about. Starting a sentence about a great movie, and by great I mean emotionally disturbing and irritating, and a great performance of an actor we all say to adore by mentioning his arse first? I am all for the fun, believe me, I am but seriously it sometimes feels like that the more naked Rob gets the more some of you like the film. It took me a while to actually accept the character of DuRoy, him seeing seducing this women was not a constant turn on for me and *SPOILER*the sex scene with him and Uma was nearly disgusting and I pitied Georges. Maybe I was to much into the film, maybe I have seen to much naked men, but what this film shows is: A young man from Barnes who is capable to develop in a way a lot of actors are not able to. I hope he is proud of himself!

  • Anja says:

    I was one of the lucky girls, that saw Bel Ami yesterday in Belgium. I traveled about 500 km from Germany to Belgium but it was worth. The film is great! I think it`s close to the book. Rob is brilliant in this movie, I`ve ever known he is a good actor, but his performance in this movie improves on everything! He is so sweet with children, when he catches little Laurine! The sex scenes are very hot and there is a lot of Rob`s crack in it 🙂 . The sex scene with Uma Thurman is very strange. He assorts so well with the other actors like Christina Ricci and Uma Thurman. Uma was very good in her role and I liked her voice, fantastic! I tihink this movie can mean Rob`s Breakthrough! There is no Edward in this film. He shows a lot of emotion and this in a fantastic way! He is angry, he cries, yes there a true tears when Charles Forrestier dies. He pushes Virgine on the floor and this is very convincing because it shows all his despite for her. Even when he kicks out Mr. Rousset and his friends out of his flat because they betrayed him. Waah! Fantastic! Rob and all the others did a very good job. I think it`s Robs best movie so far. He can show so many features and he did this in such a incredible way! At last I`ve to say that Christina Ricci is the perfect Clothilde. She was brilliant and so nice to see her with Rob. Everyone should see this film and thank your Rob for doing this incredible movie!

  • Marie says:

    Actually, fan reviews are much more important! Love your mocking tone and that you don't print the more to the point reviews expanding on the movie and people liking it, but so many critics got it wrong with Remember Me and Water for Elephants that it's another great sign the fans are happy. You overdramatic, lame Twilight hating obsessed 'critics' are a joke in just about everything you write concerning Rob.

  • just me says:

    LOL..too bad we can not beat those "overdramatic, lame Twilight hating obsessed 'critics'" with money. they so don't care what audience has to say about movies. whenever my DH is looking for movie to see he firstly checks on RotTomat. or IMDB, i always say "don't trust them 100%". so he went and saw "Water for Elephant" not knowing a thing about it's cast (!) "this is one the best romantic movies i have ever seen" has been his "verdict":D. so critics should stop teaching people to hate everything Robert touches.

  • Hanna says:

    Are these real movie critics or just Rob-obssessed fans? I would like to read reviews from real critics, unbiased and honest.

    • Ola says:

      In Robert's case there are not unbiased and honest critics.Maybe after Twilight saga finished.Who knows.

  • Max Renn says:

    "He wants her to slow down, but she just keeps going on. You only saw George’s face, and that was just awkward. Of course he finishes, but not on a happy note."

    I think I've had one of those sorts of dates.

  • Linda says:

    Odd, what you chose to post, and not post, from "Blackbeanie." She made extensive comments on two internet sites, full of praise for Pattinson's very fine, expressive acting. She saw him as totally convincing in the role. She was very impressed with the film, and everyone in it.

  • just me says:

    no worry, real movie critics will keep their mouths shut until the day BA comes out worldwide or at least is shown at some festival and then they are going to eliminate it with their deadly venom as they always do whenever Robert is concerned. as someone smart said "Let's face it: most movie critics are morons, who have nothing in common with the movie-going public, the industry, filmmakers, the study of the art of film, or anything else other than their own bloated egos" .. of course, there are always exceptions that prove the rule..

  • Ola says:

    And you Jen,you really think that his fans shouldn't praised his performanse, 'cause they are his fans?Hmm.So who should?Biased critics,jealous mid-aged,white guys?Are they believable?Most of them hate Pattinson cause girls love him,that's the problem.They're considerating him as a rival,it's idiotic, not proffesional.
    I wonder why female audience didn't gushing over Fassbender in Shame?Cause he was tottaly asexual,ugly guy,only male director would choose him and think he's able to pick up stranger women at the street for sex and be believable as a character.

  • OldSkool says:

    It's too bad Twitter didn't exist when Brad Pitt was in Thelma & Louise, because you guys would be publishing the exact same kinds of comments. So women appreciate all of Rob's attributes--so what? All you've succeeded in doing here is make the movie more attractive to a larger audience. Congratulations.

    And nudity sure didn't hurt the careers of Richard Gere or Bruce Willis, did it? Rob's popular, with or without his clothes, get used to it. Many of his fans are so relieved he's done some R rated material, we can't wait for the Twilight crap to be over.

  • Morgo says:

    I don't understand why his fans feel the need to defend him. He's so hot he doesn't need your lame defense. I'm looking forward to Bel Ami. Robert Pattinson + Christina Ricci, what more could anyone want.

  • Dana Martin says:


  • Pod says:

    @Jen Yamato: I can't decide if this comment thread of Taylor Swift's is better. Whose fans would win in a cage match?

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