300: The Battle of Artemisium Has a Nice Ring to It, Kind of, Not Really

Big news from the swords-and-sandals prequel front! And by "big," I mean, "Warner Bros. spent roughly .00000005 of its budget on the follow-up to 300 registering a domain for a title that may or may not be final but Jesus Christ it is slow out there so let's talk about it anyway because it's got kind of a ring to it and in any case five is a lot of syllables for a 10-letter word, don't you think?"

From the Web-registry eagle eyes at Fusible:

According to newly registered domain names, the film studio will go with the rumored title 300: The Battle of Artemisium.

On January 3, several names were privately registered through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor like thebattleofartemisium.com, 300thebattleofartemisium.com and 300-thebattleofartemisium.com.

Although the owner of each domain is hidden behind MarkMonitor’s privacy service DNStination, Warner Bros. is a client of MarkMonitor, so there’s little doubt that Warner Bros. is the registrant.

This! Is! Artemisium! Enh.

· Prequel will be called 300: The Battle of Artemisium [Fusible]