Mourn Universal Studios' Jaws Ride With This Helpful Video

Happy New Year! Especially if you're among the maintenance crew members at Universal Studios Hollywood Orlando, where you will never again have to take to the murky waters of the Jaws ride to fix the perennially broken mechanical shark: The attraction honoring Steven Spielberg's blockbuster closed for good on Monday. Revisit the experience in better -- i.e. functioning -- days with an epic new video.

I don't remember the ride ever being this theatrical. Guns? Explosions? Boat drivers who look like they honed their acts in Friday the 13th: The Musical? I also haven't set foot in that theme park in about 25 years, so you tell me. In any case, R.I.P., Bruce the Shark. You were a worthy adversary, at least when you worked.

[via Inside the Magic]


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