What Was the Most Pirated Movie of 2011?

This past October, we looked long and hard briefly at the most pirated films of all time -- a fairly predictable list that included blockbuster titles like Avatar, The Dark Knight and Transformers. Today, TorrentFreak has released a more current snapshot of the movie-stealing industry: A list of the top ten pirated films this year. Surprisingly, there are a few films on this list that you probably paid to see.

Courtesy of TorrentFreak, the top five stolen titles of the year are...

Fast Five (9,260,000 downloads)

The Hangover II (8,840,000 downloads)

Thor (8,330,000 downloads)

Source Code (7,910,000 downloads)

I Am Number Four (7,670,000 downloads)

The first five films grossed over $100 million worldwide each and nearly $2 billion worldwide together. Head on over to TorrentFreak to see the complete list, which surprisingly includes one Oscar winner and one Oscar nominee.

[via TorrentFreak]