Watch Conan O'Brien Defile Hanukkah (and Tom Six's Artistic Vision) With Human Centipede Menorah

If you've been looking for a way to incorporate Tom Six's gross-out film Human Centipede II into your holiday traditions, Conan O'Brien has just the gift for you: The first-ever (and hopefully last-ever) Human Centipede menorah -- made up of nine unfortunate men and women bound to each other mouth-to-anus style, with each carrying a giant candle on his/her back. Mazel tov?

Yes, this happened. And you can pull off this same party trick by inviting nine of your least self-respecting friends to take part at home -- and then, like Conan experienced last night -- watching as your stunned audience recoils from the offensiveness and all-around unfunnyness of the bit. Tune into Conan tonight if you'd like to continue celebrating the Festival of Comedy Blights.

In related news, my condolences go out to the actors who have added Human Centipede Menorah member to their resumes.

[via Team Coco]


  • Bronco46 says:

    I'm not sure the author watched this clip. She writes about a stunned audience recoiling from the offensiveness, and the unfunniness of it. The audience cheered through the whole thing. And they went so far as to cheer even louder when Conan said he was going to continue each night with this pathetic bit. I think the author was displacing her own emotions onto this audience. She gave them credit for more class then actually have. Based on the way I've seen audiences reacting the last few years; I'd of been more surprised if the audience had shown some respect and dared to let an entertainer know they didn't approve. NO such luck!