Help Movieline Caption The First Photo of Sylvester Stallone in Bullet to the Head

Sylvester Stallone may be the busiest aging action icon today (sorry Chuck Norris). In between adapting Rocky into German musical format and posing for photos on the set of Expendables 2, Sylvester Stallone just finished filming Bullet to the Head. The New Orleans-set action movie stars Sly as a musclebound hitman who teams up with a young NYPD detective (Sung Kang) to investigate a pair of murders and naturally, exact revenge on anyone who stands in their way. Fortunately for us, the first caption-worthy photo from Bullet to the Head has arrived.

The photo depicts Stallone going axe-to-axe with a ponytailed enemy in an abandoned warehouse. You know the rules: Come up with a clever caption and try not to make any cheap shots about Stallone's body. Let's see you engage in staged axe warfare at the age of 65.

Ready, set, caption!

Walter Hill's Bullet to the Head, which also stars Jason Momoa and Christian Slater, is due in theaters April 13.

Axe to Axe! First Look at Sylvester Stallone in 'Bullet to the Head' [/Film]