Marion Cotillard Whines (and Wins) in John Cameron Mitchell's 5-Minute Lady Dior Ad

Before I gift you with John Cameron Mitchell's cute and funny five-minute short film for Dior where Marion Cotillard endures a panic attack during a photo shoot, let me acknowledge one unsettling truth: When she's wearing banana curls and pink lipstick, Cotillard is a dead-ringer for Katy Perry. I DID NOT MAKE THE RULES. I'm sorry I discovered this, and I hope we can join hands and chuckle as we watch this silly photoshoot parody. "Open up that neck for me!"

Best lines: "We really, really love your movie! I can't wait to see it"; "What do you think of this? Tibetan prayer flags laced with Aztec gold. Isn't that clever?" And of course, "There are people -- tiny little people in the real world -- who are counting on you." The short is based on a Richard Avedon short film from the '70s starring Lauren Hutton, and the mania of it is pretty similar. Every time I see Cotillard, it's like I'm adoring her for the first time. Her conniption at the end is priceless.

L.A.dy Dior The Film - Starring Marion Cotillard [The Beauty Shop]