Shame's Late Night Lovers Pile on David Denby

When it rains it pours. Ask David Denby, the embattled, embargo-flouting New Yorker critic who, over the course of one week, has drawn the wrath of both Scott Rudin and Shame's unsung co-stars Calamity Chang and DeeDee Luxe -- a.k.a. Late Night Lover #1 and #2. Tough crowd!

Best known as veteran performers on the NYC burlesque scene, the ladies had already taken Twitter swings at Denby's New Yorker colleague (and Shame hater) Anthony Lane a couple weeks ago. This morning, a few days after Denby blogged his own disapproval of the McQueen, the duo returned to their respective Twitter pages for their latest arousing tag-team effort. It all went something like this:

Denby on "Shame": The film "is borderline absurd, and I'm amazed that so many people seem to be taking it seriously" Dec 10 22:50:04 via HootSuite

@CalamityChang @NewYorker More like hes working out his own religious issues than critiquing the film. Seems he had a cathartic journey...Tue Dec 13 09:36:32 via web

@CalamityChang Hilariously dramatic-Fasbndr lies naked spread-eagled on his bed, nailed to his cross. Brandon Sullivan screws for your sins.Tue Dec 13 10:14:22 via web

Amazing! I cannot wait to see what fallout comes of Denby's inevitable "We Bought the Zoo, or whatever it's called" takedown. Does Crystal the Monkey tweet?

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