New Perfect Sense Trailer: I Can't See Clearly Now!

Don't let singer-songwriter Johnny Nash anywhere near the new trailer for the Ewan McGregor movie The Perfect Sense, because it's a Contagion-style disaster film where everyone loses their senses one by one until they can't see, hear, smell, taste or -- I guess -- touch anything. It's a little hokey and a little hilarious, but with Eva Green (the best Bond girl of all time, period) in tow, there may be some genuine hope for this one. If only I could see or hear it!

I'm a Contagion defender, so I'm already engaged in the Michael Jackson facemask warfare at play here. I wish the gray landscapes and apocalyptic lovemaking didn't feel like an angsty storyline from a Matchbox 20 video, but McGregor and Green are a compatible, sexy duo. Far as I'm concerned, I'm waiting for some McGregor redemption after his dour, unbelievably dull A-plot in Beginners. Maybe Christopher Plummer should play a miraculous gay doctor who saves the whole movie, just in case.

Perfect Sense premiered at Sundance and costars Connie Nielsen, Ewen Bremner, Stephen Dillane, Denis Lawson, Alastair Mackenzie, and James Watson.

'Perfect Sense' Trailer [MovieWeb]


  • Yojimbo says:

    Eva Green is the best Bond Girl ever, correct, but as a militant Beginners defender I think Ewan was just perfect playing shell-shocked and grieving.

  • James says:

    Sorry, but while Eva Green is definitely the best Bond girl of the last few years (not that she faces tough competition), the best of all time has got to be Diana Rigg.
    She's a scorchingly hot classically trained actress, starring in a Bond film straight off her catsuited turn on"The Avengers", and her character is a strong, active woman who is clever, witty, saves Bond's life on numerous occasions, can outdrive the baddies, knows how to throw a punch and brandish a broken champagne bottle, and is actually there for the whole film.
    Green is sympathetic and hot, sure, but her character is passive and always either a victim or a duplicitous victim, and she's only in the second half of the movie.

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