First Men in Black 3 Trailer: Whatever

If you thought that Will Smith's trailer on the set of Men in Black 3 was ridiculous, wait until you see the actual trailer trailer for the film itself. The nonsensical first preview for the series' third installment is officially released, prompting the tired sighs of millions still reeling from the garbage-strike pile-up known as New Year's Eve. A perfectly fine way for Hollywood to further bruise your memory of a perfectly fine blockbuster and remind you beyond the shadow of a doubt that it's Monday. Submit.

Smith's first film in more than three years features him reprising his role as Agent J, traveling back through Chrysler Building gargoyle suicide-jump time machine to meet the young version of his partner Agent K, which is basically Josh Brolin doing an out-of-practice Tommy Lee Jones Impression form the set of No Country for Old Men. Jones is here, too, squirming through dead-faced line readings as though the piles of money beneath him have met their match in a fierce outburst of hemorrhoids. And there's Emma Thompson, and there's... enh, whatever. Life's too short. Good luck.

VERDICT: Try harder, team.


  • myjestik says:

    tommy lee only "starred" in the first men in black.

  • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin) says:

    I must say, that is one rather surprising Bing advert that showed up under this story.
    It's showing a search for Emma Thompson, with four images of her. And two are the same image of her naked, her exposed breasts on display, and the third is of her naked again, lying on bed, breasts rather visible, and caressing a man in missionary position over her.
    I personally don't get all worked up over nudity, but I can imagine a lot of other people will.

  • Dimo says:

    So, is the Columbia Pictures logo flashing the light supposed to make us think this isn't a bunch of crap we've all seen before?

  • miles silverberg says:

    Personally, I'm willing to swallow all kinds of plotcrap from this franchise, because it's pretty much the only way I can stomach either Smith or Jones anymore.

  • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

    Ohhh, my. That is unacceptable. Those automatically feed in from an external source; I have no idea what triggers the images it selects, but that should clearly be blocked. Thanks for the heads-up! Will notify the appropriate authorities.

  • ha this movie looks awesome! I probably watched the first Men in Black movie about 50 times. I didn't care for the second one too much, but this one will hopefully be pretty good. I'm a big fan of Tommy

  • Noah James says:

    Do you know what the one good thing about Men in Black 3 being made is? Seriously, do you? Cuz I've been thinking about it for an hour, and I've got nothing.