It's Almost Here: Movieline's Walk of Shame Hits NYC on Saturday

You've seen the locations. You've (hopefully) seen the movie. And now, New Yorkers, you are invited to live out at least parts of Michael Fassbender's acclaimed Manhattan odyssey on Saturday during Movieline's Walk of Shame. [UPDATE: We're livetweeting along the way! Read on for details...]

I cordially invite you to join me, West Coast editor Jen Yamato, and other special guests on Dec. 10 as we convene for drinks and holiday cheer at three of the bars featured in Steve McQueen's celebrated new film. The festivities commence at the building where the film's protagonist lives, proceeding onward to the Flatiron Lounge, the Standard Hotel and our terminus at the Parkside Lounge.

(Refresh your memory of the film's locations with Movieline's interactive Shame map of Manhattan).

More details are to follow in the days ahead, but for now, please consider saving the date and adding some or all of our Saturday itinerary to your own (all times EST):

5 p.m.: Meet first group of attendees at Brandon's apartment building (9 W. 31st Street) for walk to Flatiron Lounge

5:30 p.m.: Arrive at Flatiron Lounge (37 W. 19th St)

6:30 p.m.: Depart for Standard Hotel

6:50-7:00 p.m.: Arrive at Standard Hotel (848 Washington St.); take elevator to top floor (The Boom Boom Room)

8:30 p.m.: Depart; break for dinner

10 p.m. - ?: Arrive at Parkside Lounge (317 E. Houston St.) to close out evening.

We'll be livetweeting the proceedings using the hashtag #walkofshame, which you can contribute to either as a participant or following along here at Movieline. Spread the word, New Yorkers, and be sure to introduce yourselves. We hope to see you along the way!


  • Marcie says:

    I'm in NYC and have been dying to see "Shame" - but all three theaters it's playing at (AMC Lincoln Sq 13, Clearview Chelsea, and the Landmark Sunshine Cinema on Houston) are ALL serial bedbug offenders according to the I'm up for naked & self-loathing Fassbender as much as the next guy, but not if I bring a critter infestation back into my apt.
    When are the theater owners going to get a handle on this problem? Ick!

  • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

    Seeing as these bedbugs are all well under 17 years old, I don't think you'll have a problem with theaters permitting them into this particular film.

  • I've been to Landmark Sunshine Cinema three times this year (seeing 3 of the 4 Michael Fassbender films released this year there), and I've never gotten a bed bug bite. (Knock on wood.)