Video: Watch the Old Milwaukee Commercials Will Ferrell Filmed For Free

If you're a big Hollywood star, why go overseas to shoot a cheesy foreign commercial for millions of dollars when you could just go to Davenport, Iowa, and shoot an equally cheesy domestic commercial for free? That's what Will Ferrell figured recently when he approached the Pabst Brewing Co. out of the blue and offered his services for an Old Milwaukee ad campaign pro bono.

At the moment, the ads are only airing in Davenport, where they were filmed on what appears to be shoestring budget (unless that American flag polo shirt that Ferrell wears to "hand fish" beer cans is designer). Business Insider, who first reported the partnership, notes that it is unclear why Ferrell wanted to plug the discount beer brand and why he wanted to film in Davenport, when Old Milwaukee is from Wisconsin.

[Business Insider via Vulture]


  • j'accuse! says:

    Like that, boom! I fell in love with Will Ferrell all over again. I'm actually tempted to seek out some Old Milwaukee to share with my brahs while we drunkenly slur Anchorman quotes. I'd like to pretend I'm being ironic...but in my heart...I know I'm not.