Meryl Streep Exercises Her Authority in Inspiring New Trailer For The Iron Lady

This summer, Meryl Streep formally kicked off Oscar season with the first trailer for The Iron Lady, the British biopic which stars the world's greatest actress as Margaret Thatcher, the United Kingdom's glass ceiling-shattering Prime Minister. Now that award speculation season is in full swing, the Weinstein Company has released a second trailer for The Iron Lady that all but guarantees it will earn Streep her long-awaited third Oscar.

Who even needs an official "Consider This" campaign when you have this trailer -- 140 seconds worth of powerhouse Meryl Streep-ness in between title cards that call her character "a rebel...who never backed down" and a peppering of key phrases like "change the country," "lead" and "watch your character for it will become a destiny" that highlight the impact of Thatcher's tenure.

Not that Streep needed another valentine after the President's ode to her earlier this week, but here it is. The drama, from Mamma Mia! director Phyllida Lloyd, arrives in limited theaters December 30 before its wide release January 6.

VERDICT: Better luck next year, Glenn Close.

[via Apple]


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