Five-Year Engagement Trailer: Holy Christ, Alison Brie and Jacki Weaver Are In the Same Movie

The first trailer for The Five-Year Engagement has arrived, and only time will tell where it falls on Universal chief Ron Meyer's well-known quality-control spectrum. Does the story of one couple's protracted wedding plan look funny enough? Sure. Will Emily Blunt and Jason Segel bring in the dates and the dudes alike? Why not? But do you know what really sells this movie? I can barely even write it.

Here -- let me try pictures:




Believe it: Alison Brie and Jacki Weaver are in the same movie. And their characters are related. And they have the best lines. ("This is your wedding! You only get a few of these!") And they go to a funeral, which at this point I'm just going to imagine is my own:


To what do we owe this mind-melting phenomenon? And what do we call it? Jalison? Briever? Anyway, we can figure it out later, just call me a doctor.

[via Yahoo!]

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