Sadface Emoticon: Alec Baldwin Leaves Twitter

Alec Baldwin, one of our chirpiest and most opinionated tweeters, has apparently given up Twitter altogether. The 30 Rock star and Oscar nominee fled the site following an incident in which American Airlines booted him off a plane for playing Words With Friends and for being violent, abusive, and aggressive. All that remains of his Twitter is the handle name and the word "Deactivated." Sad, sad day. Thrust your American flag at the sky and never forget his above-average GOP putdowns. [@AlecBaldwin]


  • Bart says:

    Just like he told The View women that he was going to quit 30 Rock after season 1 during rude-little-pig-gate?
    He'll be back.

  • Martini Shark says:

    That's also in keeping with his pledge to move out of the country had George Bush been elected. He claimed he was misquoted -- except I read Alec's boast on his own website.

  • Charles says:

    Yep. I heard Baldwin make the Bush comment on a talk show.