Zac Efron Explains Love and Destiny in New Featurette For The Lucky One

You only have to wait four and a half more months until you rally your book club for an opening night screening of the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation, The Lucky One. In a new featurette for the movie -- which shares enough striking similarities to The Notebook to list after the jump -- star Zac Efron wonders aloud about love, destiny and other people's favorite books in between shots of him wooing Taylor Schilling onscreen.

The latest Sparks adaptation arrives this spring, almost a year after his last adaptation, The Last Song premiered. This time around, the book-turned-movie features a U.S. marine who returns home in search of the one woman who unknowingly gave him hope during his third tour of duty -- Beth, a blonde beauty whom he happened to have a photograph of while stationed in Iraq. Upon finding her, Efron's character Logan takes a job alongside her at the local kennel and eventually learns how to jump start her tractor (literally and metaphorically).

In case the only way that you will fork over $10 to see The Lucky One is if it shares at least five things in common with Sparks's most popular adaptation yet, know that like The Notebook, The Lucky One seems to feature:

· One silent-but-strong protagonist (played by a former Disney star) who is good with his hands, ferociously loyal and willing to wait long periods of time for the woman he loves

· A romantic scene set on a rowboat

· A water-drenched make-out session (this time instead of rain, the couple kisses fully clothed in a shower)

· A sassy mother with a Southern accent who is not afraid to share her opinion

· Plenty of front porch drama...and more!

Will you see The Lucky One, directed by Scott Hicks (Shine) when it opens April 20?