New Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Trailer: All Aboard the Polar(izing) Express

Now you, too, can get as close as David Denby will ever get to "the Daldry" prior to release: The new trailer for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close has officially dropped via Apple. It looks just as Oscar-starved as it was a few months ago, though this time around, Warner Bros., producer Scott Rudin and director Stephen Daldry are putting all their eggs in young actor Thomas Horn's Aspergers-y basket. Does it work?

No, really -- I'm asking: If the fundamental purpose of a trailer is to intrigue you enough to see the movie, is this enough to separate you from your cash? Even as I admire its conviction and commitment to its young star and tough subject matter, it's hard to believe that the tear-streaked twee of it all won't totally polarize the general public. That said, at this point there is only one moviegoing demographic that really matters to the ELAIC braintrust, so hey.

"The Daldry" opens in limited release on Christmas Day before breaking wide on Jan. 20.

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  • Matt says:

    Hell no. The way that kid says "twentieth" drives me up a wall.

  • SittingPat says:

    I read the book and was NOT impressed. This looks like they improved on the material...due almost entirely to the actors chosen and level of performance. And also what appears, at least in the trailer, to be an emphasis on the adults as opposed to the child. The one strength of the book that I hope to see in the film is the lack of cloying sentiment. I might go see it. We'll see.

  • j'accuse! says:

    I almost felt bad for it, but I agreed. It's this overly mannered, super enunciated way of talking that he does for the entire trailer. I have a distant relation that speaks like that and it has not gotten better with age. Sigh...Chistmas time...families..."'s that struggling writer career working out for you?"