VIDEO: The Karate Kid's Rough Draft Feels Like Swedeing With the Stars

In a video that hit the Web over a year and a half ago but appears to have only really surfaced this week, find Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita and other principals from The Karate Kid rehearsing the entire 1984 classic on handheld camera for the film's director, John G. Avildsen. It's like something out of Be Kind Rewind -- except, you know, featuring the actual cast working with no budget and the Oscar-winning filmmaker behind the VHS (?) camera announcing sound cues ("Wind chimes!") and other pertinent atmospherics as the story rolls along.

Find the first transfixing segment below and the rest of the rehearsed Karate Kid -- which Avildsen shot in its entirety -- on YouTube.

[via Grantland]


  • SD says:

    These were the kind of extras that we were promised when DVDs first started to come out and yet here we are, 15 years later, with great stuff like this slipping out via YouTube instead.
    It is still great to see though. I always enjoy peeks behind the curtain. It is so much more enjoyable than a token slick and corporate making-of.

  • casting couch says:

    Very cool!